How to shadow a session on Windows 2012 (R2 only)

How to shadow a session on Windows 2012 (R2 only)

It seems that to Remote Control a user in RDS (shadowing) was removed from Windows Server 2012.

It’s now reintroduced with Windows 2012 R2, I will show you the way using the command line.

Connect to the server with the first mstsc client.

This session will be the shadowed session.
Then on the server, run the following command :

query session

to get the session id of your RDS session.

On the second mstsc client check if the option /shadow is supported.
For instance on my Windows 7 laptop, if I run :

mstsc.exe /shadow

I get :

mstsc /shadow error

shadow option is not supported.
On a W2012 server I get :

it’s supported.

Once you have a client with /shadow option supported, run :

mstsc /v:‹your_server_name› /shadow:‹id_found_above›

On the first msctsc client you will have a prompt :

Just click on “Yes”. You’ve got a shadow !

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