Robocopy on slow or busy links using Interframe gap (IPG).

Robocopy on slow or busy links using IPG

Use /IPG:n option to reduce robocopy’s impact on a slow or busy network link.

Between each 64Kb packet, robocopy will wait for n milliseconds so other applications can use the whole bandwidth.

I found an interesting link on zeda.n to calculate the transfert time when IPG delay (the n variable):

For instance to mirror a local directory tree to a remote location with a 10ms delay :

robocopy L:\FILES\SHARE\buro \\mynas1\SHARE12\buro /copyall /mir /r:5 /w:10 /log:c:\robo_buro.log /np /IPG:10

Author: Jey

5 thoughts on “Robocopy on slow or busy links using Interframe gap (IPG).

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