Access to SRM >>> through Tru64 with consvar command

This is how you can access to the system firmware console (SRM) of Alpha servers from Tru64 Operating System.
Voici comment accéder à la console firmware système (SRM) des serveurs Alpha depuis le système d’exploitation Tru64.

You can get and set variables with -g and -s options.
Les variables peuvent être mises à jour et affichées avec les options –s et –g.

To list all the supported variables:
Pour lister les variables supportées :

[root@myhost1]/# consvar -v -l
Firmware Rev: 7.1-1
system fam:34  cpu:8  smm:1940
auto_action = HALT
boot_dev = dsk0
bootdef_dev = dsk0
booted_dev = dsk0
boot_file =
booted_file =
boot_osflags = A
booted_osflags = A
boot_reset = ON
Failed to get dump_dev
enable_audit = ON
license = MU
char_set =
language = 0x3c
tty_dev = 0
Failed to get scsiid
Failed to get scsifast
com1_baud =
com1_modem =
com1_flow = 9600
Failed to get com1_misc
com2_baud = OFF
com2_modem = SOFTWARE
com2_flow = 9600
Failed to get com2_misc
Failed to get password
secure = off
logfail = 0
srm2dev_id =

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